10 Benefits You Can Get When Working From Home

Working from home is a growing trend among professionals. Some companies, mostly startups, are now offering their employees the option to work from home. Working from home still raises suspicions and uncertainties that employees won’t work diligently if they don’t report in the office.

However, contrary to that belief, employees can experience a lot of great benefits from working from home such as being more engaged, avoid commute hassle, and have control over their own schedule; these help them perform better compared to an office-based set-up.

10 Benefits That You Can Get When Working From Home

Enjoying work and life at the same time has become more of a reality instead of a dream. It provides employees more time to spend with their families, which in return, gives them the necessary boost to complete and go the extra mile with their current commitments at work. Whether you are in pajamas or not, working from home has been a breath of fresh air for a lot of freelancers and employees as they can enjoy a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Your Company Will Foster Inclusivity
  • When your company practices a work from home schedule, it creates a door of opportunities to other applicants that are from other regions. Since communication and work are done through social media and technology, you can easily recruit other people from different backgrounds that you haven’t done before due to the restrictions an office based set-up presents.

    This will lead to your company becoming more leveled, skilled, and high quality as different people with their unique set of skills and backgrounds are pooled together in an environment.

2. It Lets You Experience Work-Life Balance

  • When you work from home, you have the freedom to start your day as you see fit. Make a good breakfast, have a good meditation, exercise, or read a good book; working from home lets you experience the balance between work and life.

    You also have the time to bond with your family. This makes your tiring day worth it as you are able to end the day with your loved ones.

3. Your Office Can Be Anywhere

  • When you work remotely, your personal room can be your own office space. However, you are not limited to your room as your only office. You can make use of the living room, the kitchen, balcony, or even your patio. The important thing to remember is that wherever you want your office to be, make sure that you are able to focus and avoid distractions.

4. You Can Finally Avoid Commute Stress

  • On a daily basis, you spend 3 hours of your day going to and from your office. That’s a lot of time wasted on the road, and instead, those hours can be used to learn, research, and do valuable work.
  • When you are placed in a work from home schedule, you can finally avoid the car horns, pollutants, and the stress that commute brings into your system. Working from home will enable you to relax, get more sleep, and do valuable things that will encourage you to perform better.

5. You Can Save Money!

  • Working from home will definitely save your wallet from any unnecessary spendings. You will be avoiding spending for commutes on buses or in trains, pricey food establishments, and other factors that cause you to take out something from your wallet.
  • With remote work, you are able to create your own coffee, your own meals 3x a day, and keep you from other shopping and dining establishments. Not only does working from home save you money, but you can use the extra money to make investments or savings for future needs.

6. Start At Any Time You Want!

  • Probably one of the best factors in a work from home set-up is that some companies let their employees and freelancers enjoy a flexible schedule instead of the usual 9-5 office hours.
  • This is crucial more than you think as people have different schedules that they are most functional and productive. If you are a Graphic Designer, you probably would want to start your day when your creativity is bursting forth from your mind, while a Web Developer would want to start his coding and programming as soon as night falls. Additionally, you are able to perform activities that will start your day before working.

7. You Are Able To Practice Being Independent

  • When you are working from home, you will be isolated from your other colleagues at work, making the work environment less collaborative. However, this presents an opportunity for you to focus on developing yourself; skills, characteristics, and human skills.
  • As you become more independent with a work from home set-up, you’ll find yourself developing the skill you are looking for to level up your value and results in the workplace. A lot of learning courses and mediums are available online for you to browse and learn from.

8. You’ll Be Able To Achieve Peace & Quiet

  • As you work in your own home and space, you are able to achieve peace and quiet environment, which will eventually result into becoming more focused and attentive of your responsibilities
  • Without the unnecessary chatter, background noises, and “quick” interruptions from your co-workers, you put in more time in your work and be able to produce more results compared to an office based setting. You are able to sit down quietly and have complete control and focus on what you're currently doing.

9. Working From Home Enables Sustainable Initiatives.

  • As you commute everyday to your office, you produce more carbon footprints when you ride the bus or take your own personal car. On the other hand, working from home lets you control usage of electricity and materials that are eco-friendly.
  • Being able to work from home enables sustainability initiatives and has an environmental impact on our surroundings. Clearly, reduced pollution and carbon footprints will be immediately noticed as more people commit to a work from home schedule.

10. You Are Able To Customize Your Office!

  • One of the most exciting and relatively new to the feeling experience of working from home is that you won’t be sharing a desk or the same table with your colleagues. This creates an opportunity for you to finally customize your office workspace.

    Design a comfortable working space that works for you, so that you are able to gain more focus and enjoy work often.


Work-from-home has proved itself to be the way forward. Even after the pandemic, people have been more productive and engaged because of the work-life balance a work from home schedule offers. This is especially important to those people who have lost quality time with their own families due to the overtimes, commute duration, and overall stress office based set-ups bring in.

This goes to show that companies should allow their employees to have their own freedom in doing their work anywhere, and within their own schedule. Not only do the employees feel engaged and in control, but companies would also benefit by not paying for office space rentals, utility bills, and other overheads.

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