6 Reasons Why You Should Start Hiring Filipino Talents

Most companies are competing to hire the best talents in the market. It is not easy to acquire the right talent for your company. Knowing the right places to look at can help you overcome this challenge. If you are looking for top talents, there are a lot of great sites and locations you can consider, and Philippine is one of them.

Having been globally recognized for being one of the best outsourcing countries, the Philippines gives out cross-cultural talents. When you hire Filipino Talent, you add an unique and strong set of skills to your company. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a Filipino talent when expanding your organization.

Why Is The Philippines Considered The Top Outsourcing Country For Talents?

The Philippines is a preferred destination for many international companies because of its cheap cost of living, lenient regulations, and a huge pool of skilled and talented workers. Graduates are coming from prestigious universities that offer real-word skills and knowledge to prepare them. In fact, Manila is the third biggest outsourcing center after New York and Singapore. The Philippine economy is already one of the strongest in the Asia Pac region, and with more companies establishing themselves here, the competition for talent only increases.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Filipino Talents

1. Filipinos Are Dedicated Hard-Workers

  • Filipinos are one of the most hardworking people you will meet. They put their heart out in everything they do, whether it’s an entry level job or managerial level.

    Another factor that plays in their characteristic of being hard-workers is always working over time. It’s a common regulation amongst companies in the Philippines. Because of this, they are conditioned to r go the extra mile for their current tasks.

    Moreover, since most companies in the country are BPOs, they cater to the time zones and demand of other countries, which in return, gives them the ability to quickly adapt to different situations and work setups.

2. Filipinos Are Excellent Communicators

  • A lot of Filipino graduates came from prestigious universities and gained quality education and training to get  their degrees. This resulted in a high level of proficiency in the English language. Most, if not all, the Universities in the Philippines use English as their teaching language.

    Moreover, Filipinos have English as their second language and have an innate accent that can be easily understood and improved. This will make communicating with them much easier and faster.

3. Filipinos Have Cultural Compatibility

  • In the past, the Philippines has been predominantly colonized by different countries such as Spain, America, and Japan, and as a result, the Philippines has integrated the cultures and practices of those countries in their very own tradition.

    This integration of cultures has proven to be a strong point in the workforce of the Philippines. They can easily connect and communicate with other countries and understand what they need. You won’t be spending too much time on giving training when it comes to Filipino workers.

4. The Philippines Has A Lower Labor Cost

  • Companies are always looking to hire the best and top talents for their company, with an additional goal of being cost efficient. Hiring from the Philippines can answer those concerns.

    When hiring Filipino Talent, you’ll always get the best value from them. Not only do you have great talent, but hiring from the Philippines can save you 80% of the costs compared to hiring full-time or part-time employees in your local area.

    With Marti.so, we know that every decision comes with a budget, so we have created different plans that you can choose to fit what you will be spending. Moreover, the type of plan that you will select will not affect the quality of work our virtual assistants will offer. You’ll save money, and we’ll save you time!

5. Filipinos Have A Positive Disposition

  • One of the best qualities in a Filipino is that they always see the brighter side of life. Even after a calamity or a personal event, you can always expect Filipinos to bounce back stronger.

    When it comes to managing them, you won’t be having a hard time since they can easily manage their emotions and personal life. When hiring Filipinos, there might be a chance that their positive disposition will rub off on you, making it a win-win situation.

6. They Can Easily Build New Relationships and Stay Loyal

  • Filipinos are known to be loyal and respectful. They can last in a company for more than 20 years, if compensated enough and treated with the same respect. Moreover, on their stay in a company, they can easily create new relationships on the fly. Furthermore, they can effortlessly manage and maintain those relationships to grow over time, in or out of the office space. When it comes to getting work done, it becomes much easier to collaborate and communicate with them during meetings and team projects as Filipinos are great team players.

    Another trait that complements their relationship management skill is being respectful towards everyone. Since childhood, it’s been practiced continuously in their households to have respect for each other. It manifests in the workplace because Filipinos respect everyone in the workplace, whether it’s the janitor or C-Level position.


Hiring a  Filipino talent can surely bring a lot of benefits and advantages to your company. Not only are they easily managed, but they also take the initiative to start something new and contribute ideas to the team and company.

If you want to find flexible Filipino talents while staying on budget, then Marti.so can help you with that!. We have dedicated Filipino virtual assistants and freelancers that can bring so much value to your company through a variety of tasks such as email management, graphic design, marketing initiatives, and so much more.

We know that decisions are based on your current budget, and we got it covered too! We have created multiple plans that you can choose from in hiring Filipino Talent and we can assure you that the quality of the applicant won’t be affected regardless of what plan you choose from.

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