7 Important Reasons Why You Need A Personal Website

When you start the path to being a freelancer, you have to make yourself invaluable to your future employers. What makes people want to hire you? How can you differentiate yourself from other freelancers in your industry? You could probably answer these questions and still not have it right. The truth is, there are so many factors that come into play when it comes to making a hiring decision.

One of the ways you could differentiate yourself from other freelancers is by having your own personal branding in the digital space. Not only does it help you stand out, but it also lets your clients search you faster and see your value through what you’ve created

As a freelancer, one of the things you could do to establish uniqueness on your profile is by having a website. It separates you from other competitors and freelancers as you are able to show your passion, skill, and talent on your website.

When you have your own website, you:

Have Control Over Your Image

  • It is your website. You created it, so you have the means to also optimize and control the content within your website. You can easily pick out certain content or styles that people or employers are looking for to boost your website’s presence and authority in the field. You can input other relevant information such as testimonials, achievements, background, and other fields that you would like to optimize and add.

Maintain Credibility

  • If your blog has posts from 2 years ago, your credibility and authenticity will dwindle down, making your services doubtful for employers. Having a website that you created, you can update it daily with your current tasks and recent projects with your previous employers. When you consistently update and make your website more in-depth and detailed, employers will trust your services more and will likely to avail it.

Show Passion

  • When your website is full of details that are relevant to your experience, it becomes a medium to show how passionate you are in what you are doing. More often than not, having a unique sense of passion and level of enthusiasm separates you from other freelancers in the market.  By investing time and effort in creating your website, you are able to create a genuine and unique website that will be visited frequently and have the opportunity to share your passion to anyone who will visit it.

Exhibit Skill & Talent

  • Just by creating a website, you can already show the skills and experience you’ve earned with previous employers. Be sure to optimize the content on your website with the highest quality of work that you have created to maximize the space that you have in establishing yourself to employers.

You’ll Stand Out

  • A website is somewhat similar to a resume, but much more creative. Once you’ve started creating your own website, make sure to include all of the important information an employer will need to know such as: skills, strengths, weaknesses, projects, experiences, etc. By creatively optimizing information, you are able to stand out from your competitors in the freelance market, making your chances of getting searched and hired higher.

Learn new skills

  • Creating a website might be complex if you don’t have the proper knowledge and tools, but once you start, you’ll be able to know what works for you and what doesn't. You’ll continue to upgrade and optimize it on a basis, add more content, and even increase your digital presence in Google through SEO, or in different social media channels.
  • By creating a website, you are able to learn new skills such as Social Media Management, SEO, Digital Marketing, Website Development, and many more.. These skills will help you be more invaluable in your career in the long run.

Creating a website is easy & FREE!

  • In the past, creating a simple website requires advanced skills and tools to achieve. Today, with technology, creating a website is much easier, thanks to website builders such as Wix and Wordpress, which are easy to navigate and learn.

As we continue and advance through time, technology follows. Currently, almost 4.54 billion people (59% of the global population) use the Internet, and you can expect that more are going to sign in with the internet in the future.

Business and competitors will also follow the trend and adapt to get traction and leads. In order to stay in the playing field, take the initiative in starting your own personal website and stand out from the competitors.

Miggy VdD
An aspiring writer aiming to change the value of companies one article at a time.